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My name is Liz Santana and I am the Owner and Artist with over 10 Years of experience serving Central Florida. We Specialize in GLAM Bridal , Engagements, Commercial Campaigns, Photo Shoots, On Location and Salon services catered to your convenience. We appreciate you gracing us with the opportunity to help you achieve the vision you are looking for! Whatever your event might be, it should be a glamorous, memorable and effortless experience for you. You're now in our hands, so smile, relax and cling champagne glass because your final look will have you feeling Beautiful, confident and alluring. Once you make contact with your audience and guests your presence will feel nothing short of a magical moment.
You’ll be calling us your Fairy Glam Mother.
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What to Consider When
Hiring a Hair & Makeup Artists.

Hiring an Artist  for your wedding can be overwhelming and a bit stressful. When looking at Pinterest, google and social media it can be confusing .  A trial is my number one suggestions when brides don't know what they want . A few things we go over is Diet, Skin care, Skin type , over all look of the wedding dress, wedding theme/ and or colors. Majority of times Brides have this notion and fear that they will be wearing a lot of makeup and i will be the the first to reassure them that they will not . Its not just the Makeup but the skin prep leading up to the Makeup application. Before your Makeup Application please let your Artist know if you have sensitivity to products for either Makeup or Hair Products. When it comes to Hair styles Clean hair is a must  for most styles. Please be sure to follow your Stylist directions on prepping your hair for your special day . Feel free to ask questions and have transparency with your artist . Have some more questions click the button below to see more info . 




ONE of the most important things i tell my brides is the moment you get ready to plan your wedding booking hair and makeup is on the top of the list . Most artist that have been in the industry are typically booked 6-12 months . If your choosing a popular date for your wedding booking a year in advance is suggested. 


Due to the pandemic I know some Brides aren't able to make it to a trial due to not being in the same state as the artist. We offer Online Trial to meet and talk about the looks your envisioning . IF your unsure of the look your wanting i highly advise for you to book a trial as soon as possible. 


TIMES have changed and looks are changing. Having a realistic mindset is key. As much as we would like to charge less we cant, that is WHAT stands us apart from the rest. Its not just cost its an experience. Glamour and Luxury styling. Looks are now more intricate and less traditional. What may look easy may require more time due to the detail. I LISTEN to everything and WE  here for you . As artist we have to evolve with the times , meaning taking continual education in both Makeup and Hair Styling. I my self have been in the industry for almost 15 years. All of the Artist included in your wedding are well rounded Artistically and Culturally. When booking know that you will be experiencing quality. My goal is to have you feeling beautiful and luxurious  with some of the best Makeup products and Hair Designs. Specializing in all skin types and hair types. Don't forget that once you hire me/and the Team we will have constant communication it is not uncommon for us to have conversations at all times of the day . 

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